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No more fax, letters, or even email. CrossingsCloud makes your lives easier by utilizing technology and eliminating so many of the steps involved in attaining crossings approvals.

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The CrossingsCloud community is built up of many industries and professionals

Explorers & Producers

Land Brokers & Surveyors

Telecom & Utilities

Midstream & Co-Ops

Highways & Transportation

Engineering & Construction

Irrigation Districts

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Instant Consent Request Generation

No more wasted time typing up countless third party request letters

User Friendly

Easy to use interface for handling all inbound and outbound projects

Everybody Plays, Everybody Wins

Non-Users can still use CrossingsCloud for approving projects without registering

Fully Web Based

Access your secure projects anywhere, anytime

Single Click Final Package

Compile your entire final package instantly

Unlimited users

Without license fees you can have your entire company request, manage and approve their eCrossings for free

Introducing CrossingsCloud

Managing your crossings has never been easier

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  • I see this application as a powerful tool to increase the efficiency at which crossing agreements are tracked and completed. The information required for CrossingsCloud is already being gathered by survey companies, it should be minimal extra effort to provide that same information in a digital format to assist in the process

    Blair Nixon

    CSTCore Geomatics

    Blair Nixon
  • I was very impressed with the current system and the possibility of expansion to encompass a large part of our business. To me, the value of this system is accountability and document management which should drive G & A cost down.

    Brent J. Nelson

    Surface LandmanConocophillips

    Brent J. Nelson

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